Tuesday, 3 January 2012


okey , haish..besok dah skolah..meet new friends in that school , wish me luck okey followers? :) Amin.
i hope , people will keep asking me my name n others. i hate poeple always looking at me n gossip.
in my old school Niners , my bestie berfore this is A , B .
but , A is the most craziest people in my bestie list..only bestie how she is.. hahaha!
but , B ? she's suck right now , she treat me like a BULLSHIT.
B , is the most suck girl that i ever seen , she not my bestie anymore . u guys think , i'm gossip?
no , i'm not laahh :)

i just wanna talk about them , how hurt is my heart . but , they're didnt know that :)
just keep in secret in here , theres no one know about this...only , my followers me n my heart .
cloud having very havy cloud , n dark..will rain soon :)
what i'm doing right now , is typing :) n reading others blog..also , edit2 my blog.
yesterday , i read Zahiril Adzim blog , he update a short post for people..becaue his fans wait for his update.
about a month he not update his blog . hehehe , also me .

but , this is the last day i'm update my blog , because..tommorow is the day that i have to face
a challenging day for me. meet new friends , niners friends ? throw aside.
start from tommorow , i must forget all my memories with my friend there , because .. there not think about
wasting my time aite? so yeah! wish me again tommorow :)

Good bye , blogging..blogger :) also , buhbye fllowers..maybe , after a week i'll be right back soon.
i hope , you guys like my post..because , already put button like for people usung facebook.
i hope , zahiril adzim will follow me back n like my possy using his another account :)
Amin :')

Thank's for reading my possy , like if u like :)

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