Sunday, 1 January 2012

Proud to me One Directioner

what so cute about One Direction <3
HAHAHA , smpai letak lagu "what make you beutiful" hehehe , buat mcm die ckp kt risha :>
okey , touch so much okey? sakai much? XD hahaha!
risha suke 3 orang dekat one direction
2 orang yang gmbr background risha ni..n lagi satu , the Hottest!
Louis Tomlinson~ 
haha , I am a Tomlinster <3 hahaha , that's so cute name n suitable for you Louis :')

btw , kat blog ni x bnyk followers..yang first2 punye banyk!
klau nk follow jugak ,
okey lah , nk out! nk lyn tutorial lagi besok..jgn lupe follow tau? klau x follow! erghh x nk kwn! :D
cehh , jkjk! 


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