Tuesday, 3 January 2012

brb soon

baju skolah dah gosok , buku semue dah susun. complete :)
of couse nervous nk pergi skolah en? dah mcm x biase dah , rindu pulak nk mkn tutti frutti dgn my friends
harituh..tp , dah nk buat mcm mane kan? hmm
today is the kast day update..my mom told me before during school , every saturday n sunday online
i can touch my laptop :)

happy always okey followers? love you blogger , gonna miss blogging n mengadap korean dramas
kt u tube..nmpk nye x leh lah nk sambung tgk cite koreaa ! -.-
my mom kate kene tido awal , 10 like that dah kene tido..mane boleh tido lmbt~
okey okey~ 

 Eh , starting tomorrow maybe I'll not updating my blogs , tumblr and okay ? Need time to stable my schedules okay ? Don't get mad and please keep following me and read my updates . Thank you :)
takecare! xoxo

Thank's for reading my possy , like if u like :)

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