Wednesday, 4 January 2012

1st day school

okey ! i hate first day at new school okey? all my old friends buat dunno okey? buat2 mcm x kenal. 
i hate it , i have a friend but..they're with their geng! -.-
ikr , people hate Niners student came in . but please , dont make me wanna cursing you guys okey?
btw , i oredi cursing u guys did u no? people keep looking at me. 
2 Teratai is the most severe crazy! i hate this school , i told the true. sorry to say , my day is so damn sucks
i'm not happy at all in that school . n sorry to say again , like you've never seen people!
i see poeple look at me like a stranger =_= all the same people , no diffrent.
if diffrent religions correct it is =_=

u no i'm dreaming right now , but i can't accept all this thing . *sigh*
i remember the diffrent school here , but all the same . school that i went before , the better from me.
sorry to say. this school is complicated =_= not like niners..
Niners is the best school that i ever seen , niners is my future school before i'm taking my EXAM upsr .
but , why i'm in here ? i'll change my class like ASAP.
i'm cursing u guys because , you guys diffrent like niners student . NO SPORTING PEOPLE
please , i mean i want to say . Niners is more Horribleeeeeeeeeee! <3
trust me , Niners never go out of my head ! 

although, student social niners .. but, he did not learn to play to play. not like this school. belike niners = _ = people keep THEIR playing in class but never like studpig like here.
sorry to say , i just wanna express in a sick heart .

thank's for reading , i know follower x suke bace mcm ni . but , only here i can express my heart . you Niners <3 :(

Thank's for reading my possy , like if u like :)

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